update bookmark blog 10/16/2012 (a.m.)

  • This is a new(ly discovered to me, at least) awesome thing.

    Not necessarily OSXFUse itself, but the entire idea of file systems in user space.  Using that, you can have something that acts like scp, MCP, FTP or any other way of getting files hither and yon,  but looks like a local filesystem.

    Wrapping my brain around FUse (Filesystems in USErspace) is what got me onboard with the fact that going forward, fewer and fewer Android devices are going to have SD card slots.  SD marries you to FAT, and if you’ve got anything approaching a wild west ecosystem where your device could crash, reboot uncleanly or just plain lock up, then the last thing you want is a lot of your stuff on an unjournaled filesystem.  

    Note that not having SD doesn’t mean not having expandable storage.  With a FUse, and ubiquitous bandwidth, you can mount cloud storage and make it look like an SD to Android (by extension, your apps.)

    So on yet another day when I’m getting incessant boot disk full messages from my Macbook Pro, you can bet I’m going to set up an SSH-based FUse to the storage I have available to me at work and home to gain some breathing room. 

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